Mushroom Jerky Recipe

Hello everyone!

have you tried this delicious and healthy Mushroom Jerky? Yes, I know that they can be a little bit pricey in the grocery or at the farmer’s market but this is actually a very easy dish to make 🙂 Below is an easy step by step instructions on how to cook this dish ^_^


1 cup water

2 tbsp soy sauce

Fresh Oyster Mushroom Stalk (Sliced in half or as a whole)


1. In a bowl, Dilute Soya Sauce in water

2. add blanched oyster mushroom stalk

3. Cover with aluminum foil and set aside for 1 hour, then drain

4. Bake until tender (see to it that you don’t overcook the mushroom).

5. Place baked mushroom in a food dehydrator/dryer until dry

Tips for selling: Package in plastic bags with a well-designated label. Give out samples to neighbors and friends, once they’ve tasted your mushroom jerky, I’m sure they would be willing to buy for more 🙂

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