Mushroom Farming: Start SMALL but DREAM BIG


People thought that Mushroom farming is as easy as one– two— three, but in reality it is not as easy as you think. Here are the most common things that you should take into account.

How to start a mushroom farm?

  • Im sure that alot of you have been asking this question. We did so too when we decided to have our own farm.
  • First, please attend a seminar or try to read as much as possible about mushroom farming. You can also watch videos in youtube or join mushroom groups. Educate yourself because nothing prepares you more than a good background about the process. Make sure to attend seminars from the growers itself, you’ll learn more from them.
  • Buy at least 50 fruiting bags. Experience is still the best teacher. Observe how mushrooms grow and ask questions or research if you see something unusual happening.

Making a Mushroom Fruiting House

  • When we made our fruiting house, we didn’t consider a lot of things. We thought that if you have the space to place the mushroom then its good. Well, maybe it is if you are looking into a having less than 1,000 fruiting bags.
  • Make sure your place is well ventilated and is comfortable. The easiest way to know if your mushrooms can survive the temperature is that, if you are comfortable then your mushrooms are also comfortable.
  • Don’t forget to put some misters/sprinklers inside your mushroom fruiting house. Misters are available online and if you have a hard time finding one, we can help you with that. Our Misters cost Php950 for 10Meters long with 10 nozzles.  Mist makers look like this. Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 5.44.46 PM
  • This will help cool down your fruiting house in the hot summer. Make sure to install and buy this before even ordering or making your fruiting bags since  room temp and condition is essential for mushroom growth and survival.
  • Make sure to water your fruiting house every 30 mins in the peak of summer specially from 11am – 3pm.
  • Prepare for the building cost.  Materials can be costly even if they are just made up of sacks and bamboos, plus the labor fee. Canvass how much these cost and prepare a separate budget for your fruiting house. Always add 10% as miscellaneous expenses.

Making Mistakes is Common

When we started, we encountered a lot of mistakes. Imagine making 600 spawn bottles and coming up with only 30 successful spawn bottles, the rest of course was contaminated. But hey! we learned a lot. Each mistakes brought about a new learning for us. Unless we tried, we would never know that we over cooked the spawns, that we under sterilize it and all other stuff. You will also encounter many obstacles such as these, but its ok. Never give up on what you have started and always remember that failures are lessons to be learned. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them.

Start Small but Dream Big

Don’t get pressured if you see others having a lot of harvest. Hey! we also started small. We started making 80 bags and observed its growth for 2 months. We then started making only 10 bags a day and standardize the process. Right now, we are making a minimum of 200 – 400 bags a day 😉 We know that it is still a long way but we don’t care. We got Big dreams yo!

I hope that I can guide you in becoming a successful farmer by letting you consider your Where, What and When. This will come in handy in all your processes.

WHERE – Where do you want to be in a few months? in a few days?  set a Goal. are you aiming to produce 10 bags a day? or are you aiming to produce  1,000 bags a day?

WHAT – What will you do to reach that goal? How are you going to do it? If your goal is to produce 10kg of mushrooms a day then ask yourself what are the steps needed to do this?

WHEN – when are you going to start? create a timeline for your what. You can either say you will start planting today or you will start making your mushroom fruiting house tomorrow.  Ask yourself when? and stick at your own schedule.

I hope that this brief blog can help all mushroom start ups with their mushroom farm. Let’s all YIELD TOGETHER TO A BRIGHTER FUTURE.

P.S. Thank you so much for subscribing to my mushroom blogs and I do hope you are learning a few things from me ^_^ I do appreciate your messages. This Blog is dedicated to you … I won’t mention your name since I didn’t get your permission to yet, who requested to post something about the planning phase. I hope the 3W’s will help you 🙂



  1. Thank you for sharing.. how ca i avail the misting system and will this last long.. how often you change the nozzles and would it need to have a very high pressure?


    1. Hi! We are using this for one month and still using it. So far we didnt encounter any problem with the mister. You need to connect it with your water system and your local plumber can certainly help you with this.


    2. Material is made of Plastic and rubber
      It says that it produces Mist particles =70 microns. This is what we are using as well. It finished off around 6-7 L/Hour and its Hose Length is 10m


    1. Hi! Our misting machine cost Php950 plus 100 for shipping fee. You may message us in @AgriFungusFarm facebook page. We accept bank to bank, Paypal or money transfers as mode of payment 😊


    2. Hi could you send me a picture of your misting machine? And how does it run? And water consumption as well pls thanks 🙂


  2. I read your article on ways to earn with mushroom production. Where do you usually sell your products, either for wholesale or retail? How big is the market? I am interested to start with mushroom farming but do not know where to sell the products? Where do you sell mushroom chips, are they easy to market? Thanks in advance.


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