How Mushroom Farmers Earn

Why Mushroom Farming?

A lot of you might be curious as to how Mushroom farmers earn. How much is the intended budget and is it really profitable?

I’ve enumerated below a few ways to earn through mushroom farming specifically through oyster mushroom farming in the Philippines.

  1. Selling Fresh Oyster Mushrooms 
  • Cost: 1 fruiting Bag = Php25

Start up with 1,000 fruiting Bags = Php25,000 (lasts 3-4 months; yield 3-6kg/day)

Wholesale Price

1 kg fresh oyster mushroom = Php150-180 (wholesale price)

Lowest income per day = 150×3 = Php 450 x 30days (1month) = Php13,500

Php13,500 x 3months = Php 40,500

Php40,500 – 25,000(cost) = Php15,500


Retail Price

100g = Php25=Php35

3kg = 30g/day x Php25 = Php750per day x 30 days = Php22,500

Php22,500 x 3 months = Php67,500

Php 67,500 – 25,000 (cost) = Php42,500

  • You can also be a retailer by buying the wholesale price of 150/kg and selling it for Php25 per 100g. Costing per Kg is as follows:

Fresh Oyster Mushroom Php 150/kg, Cling Film and styro plate estimate cost is at Php5 per piece

Per piece cost is 15+5 = Php20 x 10 pcs per 1 kg = Php 200/kg

Per piece sale is Php25 x 10 pcs per kg = Php 250/kg

Sale = Php 250 – Cost (Php200) = Php 50 per kg

2. Selling Mushroom Chicharon


  • Cost: 1 fruiting Bag = Php25

Start up with 1,000 fruiting Bags = Php25,000 (lasts 3-4 months; yield 3-6kg/day)

Mushroom Chicharon is sold at Php150/100g

Cost of resealable packaging is Php5/piece (if you can get a lower price then much better)

Estimated Cost of Breading and oil per pack = Php5

Total Cost: Php 10 x 20 packs = Php200 + mushroom from farm

3kg of mushroom = 20 packs of mushroom chicharon

20packs x Php 150/pack = Php 3,000 – Operation Cost (Php200) = Php 2,800

Php2,800 x 30 days x 3 months = Php 252,000

Php252,000 – FB cost (Php 25,000) = Php227,000

Some sell their mushroom chicharon at a wholesale price of Php700 for 10 packs. If you change the price accordingly you will still earn Php83,000 for 3 months


Retailers (Mushroom Food Sellers)

Buying Fresh Oyster Mushroom at Php150/kilo x 3 kg = Php450

Operation Cost as per above = Php 10 per pack

3kg = 20 packs

Cost: 20packs x Php 10 = Php200 + Fresh Mushroom 3 kg Php450 = Php650

Retail Price:

Php150/pack x 20 packs = Php3,000 – Php650 (cost) = Php2,350/day

Php 2,350 x 30 days = Php70,500/month

Wholesale Price

Php70/pack x 20packs = Php1400 – Php650 (cost) = Php 750/day

Php750 x 30 days = Php22,500/month

I hope that this will inspire all start ups to begin their mushroom farm or be mushroom resellers in the future 🙂

I haven’t done the costings of some other mushroom products such as mushroom tocino, mushroom burger and mushroom tapa. Will be updating this blog soon for that ^_^

And don’t forget we sell these products too. So if you want to buy fresh Oyster Mushroom and Mushroom Chicharon at a wholesale or retail price then don’t forget to message us here 🙂  


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