How we started our Oyster Mushroom Farm

If you don’t have any idea how mushrooms grow  and if you don’t have any experience in mushroom farming but wants to try the industry then maybe we can help you with that.

When we started our farm, we asked mushroom growers on how many fruiting bags are needed to harvest at least a kilo per day. Nobody knew, and what we got is a ratio of 2,500 bags produces 7 kilos a day so that means it takes 358 fruiting bags to get one kilo a day.  In the Philippines, each fruiting bag will cost you around Php 25-35. So it means it would cost you roughly around Php8,000- 9,000 to get 358 bags.

Now, if you just want to try how it feels and how to take care of the mushrooms then we advise you not to buy in large volume of quantities as mushroom needs dedication and time for it to work.

What I would advise however is to buy at least 100 fruiting bags to get the Mushroom farming feel.  Why? because what you’ve read is totally different when you apply the process, trust me there are just too many things to consider in mushroom farming.

So we started researching on the easiest way to make the fruiting bags. Sure enough, we made 100 fruiting bags and observed its growth. We wanted to know if our process works and we were amazed that our 100 fruiting bags was able to produce 1kg of mushrooms a day.  (If you wanted to know our process you may purchase our Ebook for Php 120 here)

Easy way to make Mushroom Fruiting Bags

Step by Step process on how to make mushroom fruiting bags using 100% Rice Straw. No Sterilization Needed. No Fermentation needed.

75.00 ₱

We then started looking for possible buyers of the said oyster mushrooms. Yes we studied the market before we even mass produce. This is very important before starting a business and you suggest you to do the same.

What did we found out? (only in the Philippine Market)

1kg of oyster mushroom is sold at Php150-180. However, packing it in 100g each would be sold at Php25 so that means Php250/kg.

Those mushroom growers having less produce per day at a minimum of 2kg are making mushroom chips and is selling it at Php120-150 per 100g, this increases their profitability by 1000%

Currently, we in AFOF are making 300-400 fruiting bags a day. We have a fruiting house with a capacity to hold 30,000 bags and we hope to fill this up by increasing our production in 2-3months.

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 2.57.37 PM

You may visit our FB page for more updates and pictures.

What we’ve learned?

  1. If you are comfortable, you’re oyster mushroom is also comfortable.
  2. Too much moisture leads to contamination.
  3. Oyster Mushrooms needs flowing air.



    1. Hi Ariel, we have a e-brochure here for Php75 consisting of 2 pages for the step by step instruction on how to make it and the list of materials to be used. We Don’t have any videos as of the moment.


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