AFOF Partnership Program

Agri Fungus proudly introduce its AFOF Partnership Program. It aims to provide its investors a guaranteed and secured way of making money through a fixed profit sharing amount every cycle.

How Does it Work?

Step 1: You Invest

Agri Fungus Organic Farm’s main business is mushroom farming. This means, your investment will be used to buy/make mushroom fruiting bags used for mushroom cultivation.

Step 2: You Wait

After investing you need to wait for 8 months and let Agri Fungus Organic Farm take care of everything.

  • Securing your fruiting bags
  • Cultivating and harvesting
  • Labor Cost
  • Marketing
  • Product disposal and delivery
  • In-house Financing

Step 3:  You Earn

Agri Fungus Organic Farm will automatically transfer the fixed profit amount agreed in the contract to the bank account details that you’ve provided. Agri Fungus would then notify you via email for the said transfer.

How Much Do You Earn?

You earn 25% from your investment every cycle. Since the contract comprises of 3 cycles, it means that after 2 years you will be earning a total of 75% from the money you invested. So if you’ve invested 100,000 then your money will grow to 175,000 after 2 years.

Guaranteed Profit

Through Agri Fungus In-house financing, you are assured that you will be getting the agreed fixed profit share even during calamities.




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